Plants Galore

Hello world! My name is Dare and I absolutely love plants! This obsession happened about 9 months ago and has yet to subside. Although there have always been a few plants in my house (mainly the usual and boring pothos), lately my heart has been attracted to more rare and oddly shaped plants. Until a few days ago there haven’t been any problems to speak of. But recently I noticed mealy bugs on one of my succulents and ended up having to get rid of it. While there is a lot of knowledge out there on the internet, I find myself looking at dozens and dozens of websites to find all the information I need on one specific thing. So I have decided to start a blog on my journey as a plant extraordinaire. The ups and downs, the growth and the dying, the benefits and the joys. Everything you could possibly think of I will include on my plant journey. What works for me and what doesn’t, along with the basic plant information you would need to get started with a haven of your own. And if no one ever reads this, well then at least there will be something for me to look back on and remember.

6 thoughts on “Plants Galore

  1. My guess is that it is either over or under-watered. Are they in well draining soil? When you transplanted it did the roots look healthy? If they are sitting in soil thats soaking wet then I would probably risk transplanting them again into dry soil and just let them be for a while. But if they have not had too much water then I would simply add some fertilizer and a good dose of vitamins (I use SuperThrive for all the vitamins plants need but don’t get from fertilizers). Can I see a picture of them possibly?


    1. awww peg! I’m so happy you are following my blog and website! I feel special 🙂 So what I found is that when the mature leaves are turning yellow along with the smaller ones then it most certainly is from overwatering. But in my case the plant was just shooting up new leaves that were yellow along with the whole plant wilting. I thought the same thing though, that I had overwatered it and given too much love. Upon taking it out of its pot (very gently) I realized just how pot bound it really was and because of this it wasn’t getting any water. I took immediate action and it is now back to its beautiful state. In the future I will look to see which leaves are turning yellow to better understand the the help they need from water, or not water.


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